This is a book review for The Cryptid Keeper by Lija Fisher

The Cryptid Keeper (Cryptid #2) by Lija Fisher book talk

What is a great fantasy book for elementary and middle school kids?

The Cryptid Keeper by Lija Fisher is!

When you are thirteen years old you should be thinking about homework and friends, right? Well, not Clivo Wren! Clivo has taken over his deceased father’s job of searching for the immortal cryptid. It is summer and the Myth Blasters, a group of kids who know everything there is to know about cryptids, have moved into Clivo’s basement. The Myth Blasters do all of the leg work to research where the immortal might be, and Clivo sets off to find it.

But something strange is going on.

It seems that every cryptid Clivo finds ends up going missing. Is someone following every one of Clivo’s moves? Clivo, his best friend Jerry, and the Myth Blasters are trying to solve the mystery of where the cryptids are disappearing to, and what they find may put all of their lives at risk.

Wait, what? They are risking their lives?

In their search, Clivo also uncovers the secrets of his father’s death. Will Clivo and his friends be able to find the immortal cryptid and protect it from the evil forces? Can they figure out what has been happening to all of the other cryptids? And will they all make it out alive? Don’t miss the conclusion to The Cryptid Catcher!!

If you loved the beginning of this story in book one, you will absolutely become obsessed with the end! If you thought the first one was full of action and suspense, then you better put your seat belt on for this one! It is full of twists and turns, ups and downs, and even a few of those “are you kidding me?” moments. You just can’t help but fall in love with Clivo and his friends. Do not miss this one!!!

Why I loved this book!

I don’t even know where to begin because there is so much awesomeness in this book! The friendship between this group of friends is unwavering and their support for each other is something everyone should wish for. This book shows that everyone has a certain talent and they are stronger when they put all of their talents together. This book is also full of action, adventure, friendship, and fantasy. Throw in a few scary moments and you’ve got yourself one incredible book!

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