This is a book review for Otherwood by Pete Hautman

Otherwood by Pete Hautman

What is a great fantasy, friendship, adventure book for elementary and middle school kids?

Otherwood by Pete Hautman is!

Imagine your best friend just disappears before your eyes. Would you actually believe it? Would you think you are dreaming? Will anyone believe you?

Could this even be true?

Stuey’s best friend moves away, his Grandpa Zach passes away, and just like that his friends are gone. Elly Rose is new to town and she doesn’t have any real friends either. So when Stuey and Elly Rose find they have the same secret place in the woods between their houses, they decide right then and there that they are soulmates. They spend all of their time at Castle Rose but…

Can the past change the future?

When the ghost of Grandpa Zach tells Stuey to go read about the secrets of the past, it completely changes the present and future. Stuey and Elly Rose are in Castle Rose as Stuey tells her about the connection between his great-grandfather and her great-grandfather. Before Stuey even knows what happens, Elly Rose fades away and disappears. The police and the townspeople search for weeks but they can not find Elly Rose. Did the Mushroom Man who sneaks through the woods take her?

Are ghosts real?

What happens when Stuey is at Castle Rose and Elly Rose appears and tells him that in her world she is not the one missing – he is! Are the woods to blame for this? Or are the ghosts of the past in control? Will Stuey and Elly Rose figure out a way to right what has gone wrong or will their parents forever be devastated by the loss of their children? Don’t miss this one!!

Why I love this book!

I can not even begin to tell you how much I loved this book!! My kids at my school know that I am not a very fast reader but boy did I prove that wrong on this one! I stayed up way past my bedtime reading this one. Pete Hautman twists a tale that at times my brain could not even comprehend. The suspense had me turning page after page because I had to know how this book would end. When I say don’t miss this one, I mean…

Don’t miss this one!


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