This is a book review for The Blue Witch by Alane Adams

The Blue Witch (Witches of Orkney #1) by Alane Adams

What is a great fantasy book for elementary and middle school kids?

The Blue Witch by Alane Adams is!

Imagine that you are starting school. Everyone else has their mothers taking them and you don’t. Now imagine that you are a witch starting your first year at the Tarkana Witch Academy yet you have no powers. To make things even worse, you have no friends and the most powerful witch in your class has it in for you.

What would you do? This is exactly the position that Abigail finds herself in.

She wants more than anything to become the Head Witchling for her class, but how can she with no friends and no powers? After a run-in with Endera, the class bully and whose mother is an extremely powerful witch at the academy, Abigail runs out into the forest to get away, only to be trapped by Endera and bully friends. Then out of a tree hops a boy from the Balfin School for Boys, Hugo. Hugo tries to help Abigail but considering that he has no powers, he and Abigail have no choice but to run away.

While in the forest they are attacked by a sneevil, a massive wolf-like creature with razor-sharp teeth. They have no hope until Abigail digs down deep and finally gets her magic, but her magic is not like the others so she has to disguise it. Then Abigail meets Calla, a glitch-witch who has not received her magic yet. She is not allowed to go to school, she is only allowed to work there. Abigail, Calla, and Hugo form a fast friendship and they are there for Abigail when she forms an unhealthy bond with Endera’s mother’s spellbook.

The spellbook is full of dark magic!

Abigail tries to fight the dark magic but when Abigail is once again put on the spot by Endera, Abigail blasts Endera and her friends to the netherworlds. Abigail, Hugo, and Calla have to travel to the netherworld to try to save the girls from Octonia, the queen of the Arachnia, a race of nasty ravenous spiders.

Can the trio battle the killer spiders when only one of them have magic? Can they save Endera and her friends to keep Abigail from being expelled from school? Will Calla ever get her magic or is she doomed to be a glitch-witch the rest of her life?Read this exciting, magical story to find out these answers and so much more!

Why I love this book!

I am really not a big fantasy and magic kind of girl but I really loved this book! There is so much love and friendship even in the midst of hate and dark magic. This book leaves you wanting so much more from Abigail and her friends when she hopefully enters year 2 of Tarkana Witch Academy!

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