This is a book review for Christian's Brave Heart by Crystal Gayle Pollard

Christian’s Brave Heart by Crystal Gayle Pollard book talk

What is a great heartwarming book for elementary and middle school kids?

Christian’s Brave Heart by Crystal Gayle Pollard is!

How big is a mother’s love for her child? Un-bee-lievablely huge! Little Bumblebee and his mom play all day in the sun flying from sunflower to sunflower. Everything was wonderful until one day Little Bumblebee became sick. Mommy Bumblebee took Little Bumblebee to the car-bee-ologist and found out that his heart was beating too fast. She prayed to God to ask Him to heal Little Bumblebee. What will happen to Little Bumblebee? Go to Crystal’s Bookstore and buy this precious book to see what happens to Little Bumblebee!! Don’t miss this one!!

Why I love this book!

There are so many reasons that I absolutely love this book! One, Christian is one of my students. He has such a sweet heart and is just such a great kid! Another reason is that the author, Crystal Gayle Pollard, is a friend of mine and is so proud of the true story she told about her son. Lastly, the illustrations are absolutely precious and drawn by one of my good friend’s daughter, Meleah McWilliams. This is such a feel-good story that you want to have in your home, your classroom, and your library.

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