This is a book review for Reign Returned by Katie Keridan

Reign Returned by Katie Keridan Book Review

Disclaimer: This book review is my personal opinion and not a paid book review.

Have you ever had a love to last the test of time? And when I say “time” I mean, what about a century, or two or five? Well, Schatten and Kareth had just such a love. When their kingdom was being overtaken, Kareth made a binding spell to make sure that they would one day again be reunited, just in different bodies. Schatten was a Daevalic warrior and had silver blood; Kareth was an Astral healer who had gold blood. These two groups of people hated each other until Schatten and Kareth married, bringing these two groups together. When the kingdom was divided, so did the people again.

Did Schatten and Kareth ever find each other again?

Meet Sebastian. Sebastian is a Daeval assassin and he has silver blood. He is a loner and he likes it that way. He lives in a cave with his Cypher, Batty, a bat. And he doesn’t need anyone in his life, he only wants to find a way to get Rhannu, a sword that he knows belongs to his people, and with him.

Meet Kyra. Kyra is an Astral healer and she has gold blood. All she wants to do is follow in her father’s footsteps and be the Princepts Shaman of Aeles which is the highest office for a healer. She is learning so much from him when tragedy strikes and she has to try to find a way to heal him. This is when she discovers that she is a Recovrancer, someone who can travel to the realm of the dead.

How do these two unlikely foes meet?

As Kyra is walking through the forest a man appeared on an intersector. He was very sick so Kyra rushed to heal him. In the process of healing him, the Blood Alarm went off because those with silver blood are not allowed in the realm of the golden bloods. As the guards were coming to arrest the man, he stood up and a book fell out of his cloak, a book about Recovrancers. Kyra knew she had to have this book so as he started to flee through a portal, Kyra rushed toward him and went through the portal with him. This is how she met Sebastian.

A deal with the devil?

When Sebastian learns that Kyra is a Recovrancer, he strikes up a deal with her. If she will travel to Vaneklus, the realm of the dead, and get Rhannu then he will give her the other books that he has about Recovrancers. What these two do not realize is that in making this deal, they will change their lives forever, and the lives of the people around them.

Do Sabastian and Kyra have what it takes to get to the realm of the dead, retrieve the magic sword, and get out alive? Do they realize what is happening as they both have the same dreams about a couple named Schatten and Kareth? Will they suppress the passion that is building between the two of them? Can their love for each other be the way to reunite two realms that have been at war for so long? Do not miss this amazingly incredible story about two people who love each other and reunite after hundreds of years.

What I love about this book!

This book had two things against it when I was asked to review it. #1 – it is a young adult book – I mainly read elementary and middle school books, not young adult. #2 – it is a fantasy and magic book – I am not a huge fan of fantasy and magic. Well, boy was I wrong! This book hooked me from the first page and didn’t let go until the end. Actually, it still hasn’t let go because I am dying for book two to come out!!

This book has so many magnificent things going on that I could not put it down!! You have young love, you have lost love, you have love reunited. There is an amazing bond between the characters and their Cyphers, creatures who help guide and protect as long as you live. Also, you have good vs. evil and fighting between a group of people who really don’t know why they are fighting. There is mystery and fantasy and romance. There is killing and rebirth. This book has it all! I absolutely cannot wait to find out what happens to Schatten and Kareth; Sebastian and Kyra!! I promise you… you don’t want to miss this one!

My Favorite Quotes

“Your worth doesn’t lie in what others think of you and your choices. Your value is determined by who you are and what you decide to do with the gifts you’ve been given.”

“Some parts of life, we enjoy; other parts, we endure. You cannot cross the mountains without going through the valleys. You are not a child anymore, and part of being an adult is learning to accept things as they are – not as you wish them to be. Wishing things were different will not change them. And we must change them, Kyra.”

“Life is a gift because it is not without end; cherish your days because they are numbered.”

“Knowledge is power. Brute strength has its place and tangible goods and physical comforts certainly make life enjoyable. But information, that Is what makes us rise or fall, whether we be an individual, a government, or an entire civilization.”

“Place one pebble in a river and it might be washed away. But keep placing pebbles in a river and eventually you’ll change the course of a river.”

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