This is a book review for Blood Divided by Katie Keridan.

Blood Divided by Katie Keridan Book Review

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Have you ever had a love to last the test of time? And when I say “time” I mean, what about a century, or two or five? Well, Schatten and Kareth had just such a love. When their kingdom was being overtaken, Kareth made a binding spell to make sure that they would one day again be reunited, just in different bodies. Schatten was a Daevalic warrior and had silver blood; Kareth was an Astral healer who had gold blood. These two groups of people hated each other until Schatten and Kareth married, bringing these two groups together. When the kingdom was divided, so did the people again.

Can Sabastian Overcome the Past?

Sabastian is just learning about his past from hundreds of years ago, but he is struggling with this current life’s past. He had a very cruel father, a very loving mother, and a tragedy that he can not move on from. Not only did he lose his mom at a very young age at the hands of his evil father, but he was also taken into another realm where he was tortured and experimented on at the hands of the gold bloods. The hate and anger he has boiling up inside of him may be too much for him to deal with.

Can Kyra Uncover Her Father’s Possible Secret Life?

Kyra is also just learning about her past from hundreds of years ago, and she is struggling with the fact that her father whom she loved dearly, may have been the one who tortured and experimented on silver-blooded children, including Sebastian. How can Sebastian ever love or even trust her when he finds out?

Two Different Lives in Two Different Realms Coming Together as One!

Despite their differences, Sebastian and Kyra fall madly in love, but their union has to be kept a secret for fear of possibly being arrested and even executed. However, they have many friends in on their secret and are willing to help reunite the two realms for the good of everyone. Kyra’s friends, Demitri, Adonis, and Nigel will do anything to protect Kyra. Sebstian’s friends, Devlin, Eslee, and LeBehr are willing to do the same. Even Laycus, the guardian of the realm of the dead, reluctantly helps Kyra learn about who she is.

Bring in the Bad Guy!

You didn’t think we could get through this without a bad guy, did you? Tallus, an Astral historian, and he hates anything and everything to do with the silver-blooded people. He has made it his mission in every life that he has lived to make sure these people are terminated. He is the one who brought death and destruction so many years ago to Schatten and Kareth’s realm, and he will do whatever it takes to make sure the two realms NEVER reunite again. But who is Tallus now? He is living and walking among the Aeles’ people, but is he a reincarnated friend or foe of Kyra? How long will it be before he realizes that Kyra is working with the Daeval silver-blooded people to reunite the two realms? How long will it be before he finds out that Kyra is on a mission to shut down the laboratory where Daeval children are being tortured and killed at the hands of the Aeles? Will he wait and let it happen, or will he move in for the kill when he has the chance?

Must Read Book!

If you love fantasy and magic! And, if you love suspense and thrillers! If you love a great love story then this is a must for you! To say that Kyra and Sebastian are two of my favorite characters in all of the books I’ve read, would be an understatement. Go get book one, Reign Returned, and read it! Then go and enter to win Blooded Diveded to continue their story. And then, patiently wait with me for Book Three! You will not regret it!!

What I Love About This Book!

My favorite part of this book and book one is the relationship between Sebastian and Kyra! They have such a true love that spans the ages! They will both do anything to protect each other, including dying for the other one. This fact alone has you rooting for these two! My second favorite thing in this book is the friendships, even among people who have grown up hating each other. These friends will also risk life and limb for Kyra and Sebastian. And lastly, I think my favorite thing in these books is the Cyphers! Each person has an animal cypher to help them through life. These cyphers are so dedicated and loyal to their person that they would also do whatever it takes to protect them. Katie Keridan did an amazing job coming up with all of the various cyphers and their names. If I had a cypher it would have to be a dragon and I would name him Blaze. What animal would you pick as a cypher and what would his/her name be?

My Favorite Quotes!

“Place one pebble in a river and it might be washed away,” the lynx said. “But keep placing pebbles in a river and eventually, you’ll change the course of the river.”

“It wasn’t going to be easy, but things that mattered rarely were.”

I think it is always wiser to ask than expect,” replied Batty.

“Praise in public; criticize behind closed doors.”

“You can’t fix a painting until it’s on the canvas. meaning, you have to start somewhere and do something and even if it doesn’t turn out exactly as you hoped, at least you have something to work with.”

“There’s plenty to be nervous about, but the greatest rewards are born of the greatest risks.”

“Father always said it’s easier to overlook similarities when you’re focused on differences.”

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