This is a book review for It Will Be Ok by Lisa Katzenberger.

It Will Be Ok by Lisa Katzenberger

What is a great empathy book for elementary kids (and honestly everyone, even adults!)?

It Will Be Ok: A Story of Empathy, Kindness, and Friendship by Lisa Katzenberger is!

When your best friend is afraid of something that you are not afraid of, how do you handle it? Do you get mad at them, make fun of them, or do you support them?

When Zebra goes looking for Giraffe for their daily walk and he finds his friend up in a tree. Why is a giraffe up in a tree you ask? It’s because he was afraid of a spider. Zebra tried to reason with him by telling him that he is bigger and stronger than the spider.

Did that help Giraffe? No!

This is where Zebra could have told Giraffe that he was being silly or dumb, but he didn’t. Zebra laid down and patiently waited for his friend to process his fears. He was being a great friend!

Does Giraffe ever get over his fears and come out of the tree?

You will have to read this incredible story to find out how Giraffe deals with is anxieties, worries, and fears!

Why I love this book!

This book reminds me so much of me and my daughter! I am the Zebra and Meagan is Giraffe. Meagan has anxiety issues about things that do not bother me. For the longest time, I would get frustrated with her because I didn’t understand how she could worry about something that I didn’t worry about. Over time I finally realized that it doesn’t matter if it bothers me, it bothers her and that is all that matters. I quickly turned from being judgemental to supportive.

To me, this book is not just for children, but for adults also! Zebra is the friend that we all should be! Every school library should have a copy of this book!!

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