This is a book review for City Spies by James Ponti.

City Spies by James Ponti Book Review

Disclaimer: This book review is my personal opinion and not a paid book review of City Spies.

Have you ever found yourself in a whole lot of trouble and you didn’t see any way out? Have you ever thought, “This is it, I’m done”? This is exactly where Sara found herself after hacking into New York City’s juvenile justice system. She lived in an awful foster home that took advantage of the system. Sara just wanted to expose them, but instead, she ended up being the one arrested for computer hacking.

Where is the justice?

Sara was about to face two and a half years in juvie. She didn’t think that her sentence was that bad because some of the foster families she had lived with were just as bad. What took her breath away was the fact that she wouldn’t be able to touch a computer during that time. Computers are Sara’s life.

Enter a man named Mother

A man named Mother bursts into the room pretending to be a lawyer. He gets Sara what seems to be an even worse verdict that she will have to live in a place named Crunchem Hall until she is eighteen. Little does Sara know this will change her life and even her name.

Next up… City Spies

Sara is whisked away in a limo and told that she is being offered a job as a computer hacker for MI6, an elite group a kid spies. They are about to go on a mission to try and stop the evil group called Umbra. She finds a new home in Scotland, changes her name to Brooklyn, and is thrown into extensive, fast-paced training to get ready for the mission. She also is challenged to fit in with the other four spies – Rio, Syndey, Kat, and Paris. Can Brooklyn find a way to learn so much in such a short amount of time, or will she fail miserably and be sent back to jail in New York? Read this incredible, fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat, heartstopping novel by James Ponti!

What I Love About This Book!

I do not have enough room to tell you all the reasons that I love this book. To start off with, there is the friendship and trust between these kids that has to develop over time. They are risking their lives and Brooklyn is a newbie. Can she cut it? There is also the relationship between the adults, Mother and Monty, and the kids. Mother and Monty treat these kids like they are their own children. The connection between these seven people makes me want to go join MI6 just to be a part of it. Lastly, the action in this book is so rapid that it will have you turning the pages at breakneck speed and staying up all night just to see how it ends. Thank you James Ponti for creating these characters and this novel!

My Favorite Quotes from City Spies!

“Only fools and liars speak with certainty about things beyond their control.”

“You don’t have to be part of a group to understand that they’re mistreated. Justice doesn’t require a membership card. Just a sense of right and wrong.”

“You can’t look out if you stand out.”

“Bad guys never wait, so good guys can’t be late.”

“You don’t need any hocus-pocus. All you need to do is focus.”

“The only one who travels right is the one who travels light.”

“Anyone can hide under darkness of night, but the cunning one hides out in plain sight.”

“You cannot achieve what you cannot believe.”

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