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The Odd Ball by Erin Peterson

Have you ever gone to a new school and felt out of place? Hut and his family have moved to a new town and he is starting a new school – Circle Elementary. As his mom pulls up in front of the school he notices something unusual, everything is in the shape of a circle – the school, the windows, the doors, the flag, and even the bushes. As he walks in the front door the first thing he hears is “check out that odd ball”. Strike the baseball, quickly apologizes, and tells Hut he has never seen anyone shaped like him before. Hut tries so hard to fit in. He tries to bounce like a basketball, roll like a baseball, and act like a soccer ball, but Hut realizes very quickly that he doesn’t bounce our roll like the others. At recess, Hut was beginning to feel like a fumble when suddenly danger strikes the playground! Will Hut be able to save the day? Will what makes him different from the others be what saves the others? Read this incredible, precious, amazing book! Teachers and librarians, buy this for your classroom or library! Parents, buy this for your kids. I promise your kids will LOVE it!

What I love about this book!

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this book! It teaches children that it is okay to be different and those differences can be a blessing, not a curse. Kids will love the illustrations in this book! They are bright, colorful, and just downright precious! I actually laughed out loud when I saw the picture of the moms taking their kids to school!! Hut’s mom is driving a football helmet, the baseball is being driven in a baseball glove, and the tennis balls are in their tube with wheels. The author even told me to look for Hut’s toy on certain pages. I enjoyed going on a hunt (and I think if found them all – haha!). I also loved how the author used a lot of sports jargon in the book, for example, “I was starting to feel like a fumble.”

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