The Midnight Children by Dan Gemeinhart Book Review

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What I Love About This Book!

what I love

My Favorite Quotes!

“Sometimes, though, a sould doesn’t know how great it truly is until it has to find out.”

“Sometimes a soul, when it sees the chance to have what its always wanted, doesn’t have the courage to seize it.”

“She wrapped Ravani in a hug. Soft. But then stronger and stronger. Like the sunrising. It was warm and it was tight.”

“When a soul is very sad, it doesn’t really want to be sad; it just wants to not be sad alone.”

He didn’t think that a soul’s once upon a time was supposed to match its ever after.”

“If a soul chooses to do the right thing, for the right reasons, it nearly always turns out well for them in the end.”

“This is why it’s wise to always tell the truth. A soul never knows when it’s going to read another soul to believe an entirely true but completely ridiculous story.”

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