This is a book review for The Call of the Wrens by Jenni L. Walsh

The Call of the Wrens by Jenni L. Walsh Book Review

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Marion & Eddie

Marion has lived in orphanages for as long as she can remember. She was given a birth date because no one knows when she was born; she was given the last name because no one knows what her last name really is. She hasn’t spoken in fourteen years, and she has no friends so she has no need to talk, that is until she lands in St. Anne’s Orphanage. Marion is there for almost four years and just when she thinks this may be her forever home, she is told she has to leave because she turns eighteen.

This is where her best friend, Eddie, comes in. Marion met Eddie while she was at St Anne’s and they became inseparable. Even though he is supposedly a year younger than her, when she has to leave, he leaves also. Marion goes to sign up for the Women’s Royal Naval Service – WRENS – so that she can have shelter and food. Eddie signs up for service also so that they can stay together.

While training to become a WREN, Marion meets Sara and they become thick as thieves. When Marion is sent to France, she is thrilled to find that she is there to help Sara with the carrier pigeons used to send secret messages to those on the front line of the war. It is also not a shock to find out that Eddie found a way to get sent to France also.

What happens to Marion & Eddie & Sara? You have got to read this incredible story to find out!!

Evelyn & Percy

Evelyn grew up in a very wealthy family. Even though she should be getting groomed to become a proper lady, marry, have kids, and take care of a home, Evelyn would rather be racing cars. Evelyn’s parents tolerate her love of cars, but as the war looms over France, they insist that she goes to school to become all of those things mentioned above.

Percy is a long-time friend of Evelyn and her family. Evelyn’s mother pushes for Evelyn and Percy to begin dating, but neither of them has any interest in the other except for being friends. When Percy mentions to Evelyn about the WRENS, she is extremely interested. She “borrows” Percy’s motorcycle, runs away from her family, and signs up for the WRENS. Evelyn has to work twice as hard as the other girls because Evelyn was born with a club foot. This makes her training grueling.

Now that Evelyn is out from under her parent’s roof, she begins seeing Percy in a different light. She actually begins to fall for him, only to find out that he has a girlfriend. With nothing else to live for except her work as a WREN, she begins taking risks that she normally wouldn’t take. Will this cost her more than she is willing to give?

What happens to Evelyn & Percy? You have to read this incredible story to find out!

Marion & Eddie & Evelyn & Percy

Ready for a twist? Holy cow has this book got one! This is one you don’t want to miss!!

What I Love About This Book!

There are sooooo many reasons that I absolutely love this book! The relationships between these characters make me wish that I was right there with them. I love everything about Marion and Eddie. Eddie has one of those personalities that draws you in and you don’t want to let go. He is full of life and he loves Marion with all of his heart.

I love Evelyn so much because she knows what she wants and despite the time that she grew up in, she didn’t care if it was politically correct to just marry and run a household. She wanted more for her life and she doesn’t back down from what she wants. She is also extremely determined and hard-working. Despite her disability, she gives her job everything she has and she never stops fighting for what she wants.

My Favorite Quotes!

“She thought of him again as magnetic, everyone and everything pulling toward him.”

“Remember your analogy from all those years ago? That all we can do is take caution during a storm. And if we can’t find shelter, we can at least not stand under the tallest tree.”

“Passion often clouded judgment.”

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