This is a book review for Mandie The Outer Banks Mysterious Unicorn by JD Wise

Mandie by JD Wise Book Review

The Outer Banks Mysterious Unicorn Book Review

This is a book review for Mandie The Outer Banks Mysterious Unicorn by JD Wise

Disclaimer: This book review is my personal opinion and not a paid review.

Have you ever felt different from others and you just didn’t fit in? Have you ever been made fun of for being different? Well, this is exactly how Mandie is feeling! Mandie was born on a cool spring day on the beaches of Carova.

How was she different from the other fillies?

Mandie wasn’t the prettiest horse because her tail was curly, her mane was snarly, and her coat was downright mangy. All of the other fillies had straight manes and tails, with beautiful coats that glistened in the sun. She was also snow-white while the other fillies were a gorgeous chocolate brown.

When she couldn’t fit in, what did she do?

Mandie often was alone and restless so she would roam the beaches by herself. That was when she noticed that something odd was happening in the water. The waves were lit up with such amazing iridescent colors from an algae bloom. Mandie was in awe so she had to get closer. What she didn’t realize was that as she was dancing around in the water, those colorful algae blooms were sticking to her hair.

Where do you hide in the ocean??

Just then, the elite group of fillies came walking down the beach. She didn’t want them laughing at her for dancing in the ocean so she dove deep down under the water. That was how the terebra turretella spiral sea snail got stuck to her forehead. She couldn’t dare let those fillies see her with a sea snail stuck to her forehead so she hid behind the sea dunes and fell asleep.

She woke up a unicorn??

Mandie woke up to the entire herd looking at her. She was so embarrassed and she didn’t understand why they were calling her a unicorn. That was when she was her reflection in the water. She tried to tell them that she wasn’t the beautiful unicorn they thought she was, but like always, they wouldn’t listen to her.

And then came the rain!

When a storm came, it washed all of the colors and that pesky sea snail off of her. She was back to being plain ole Mandie. That was when the fillies started making fun of her for pretending to be something that she wasn’t.

Will anyone help her?

That was when the mighty Amadeo rose up with thunder in his voice! Will he take up for Mandie or will she be humiliated in front of the fillies and the entire herd? Will Mandie ever feel like she fits in or will she feel exiled like before? Read this incredible picture book to find out what happens to Mandie!

What I Love About This Book!

I don’t even know where to start! This book has quickly become one of my most favorite picture books! The multiple messages in this book are for everyone!! 1) accept people just the way they are; 2) be true to yourself – always; 3) stand up for those who are being picked on and bullied; and 4) help fund those who take care of the wild horses in Corolla, NC.

This book has made me add a new place to my bucket list of places to visit. I can’t wait to visit Corolla, NC and take a tour with the Wild Horse Adventure Tours. I would love to watch these wild horses in their natural environment! Don’t miss this one!! Also, the great men and women who take care of these majestic animals need your help. They are mostly supported on donations. Please consider donating! Also, a majority of the sales of this book will be going to them also. So even more of a reason to go right now and buy this book!! Click here to buy from Amazon!

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