This is a novel study powerpoint for Front Desk by Kelly Yang.

Front Desk Novel Study Book Review

Disclaimer: This book review of Front Desk is my personal opinion and not a paid book review.

Can you imagine that you go to a new country to better yourself and your family? Now, can imagine that when you get there everything you have heard is false and things are much worse? This is what happened to 10-year-old Mia and her family in Front Desk!

Not what they dreamed about!

Mia’s parents told her that going to America would be an amazing place where she would have a house, a dog, and all the hamburgers that she wanted. Their reality was completely different. Mia’s family had to live in their car for a while until her dad got an assistant fryer job and her mom got a waitress job at a Chinese restaurant in California. They were able to move into a small apartment and things were starting to look up until Mia tried to help at the restaurant, dropped several plates of food, and caused her mom to get fired.

New Job – Good or Bad?

While Mia’s mom was looking for a new job she stumbled upon a motel manager position that gave free room and board. Mia’s parents jumped on this opportunity. They moved immediately and began running the motel. The biggest problem with this job was the motel owner, Mr. Yao. He was a very mean and unfair man but their family had moved for this job and didn’t have a choice but to stay.

Things were not all bad, however, because they made friends with the weeklys, the five people who lived there all the time. Mia also found a best friend with a girl from her school, Lupe. Also, things were not always good for the Yang family and the job was a great struggle for all three of them. Just when things seem like they can’t get any worse, Mr. Yao has to sell the motel and the Yangs will be forced to move once again. Can Mia come up with a plan to save her family? Will the Yang family come to regret leaving China? Read this heart-breaking and heart-warming story of love, family, friendship, and overcoming incredible obstacles.

What I Love About This Book!

This book is such an incredible book. It is a great teaching tool for students to learn that even though they may not be good at something it does not mean giving up. Since Mia came from another country she really struggled with English, especially writing. Mia proves that hard work can change lives!

Mia also teaches us about equality. It doesn’t matter what your skin color is or what your nationality is, everyone should be treated with respect. This is a book that should be read in every classroom across the country! Do not miss Front Desk by Kelly Yang!!

My Favorite Quotes!

“Here, everything had a price, even kindness.”

“It’s going to be okay, I’ll make friends, and if I don’t, I’ll borrow books from the library.”

“Why put a scary part in the middle of a beautiful piece?” I remember asking my piano teacher. “Because life is scary sometimes, little one.”

“It means a mistake isn’t always a mistake. Sometimes a mistake is actually an opportunity, but we just can’t see it right then and there.”

“I guess that’s because, in America, it’s to each his own.”

“There’s a saying in Chinese that goes, “never forget how much rice you eat.” It’s a reminder to stay humble, to stay real. Just because you have an important job doesn’t mean you’re better than everybody else. You still eat rice like the rest of us”

“You can’t win if you don’t play.”

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