This is a book review for Fish On! by Kevin Lovegreen

Fish On! by Kevin Lovegreen Book Review

Lucky Luke’s Hunting Adventures #5 Book Review

This is a book review for Fish On! by Kevin Lovegreen.

Disclaimer: This book review is my personal opinion and not a paid book review.

What is your favorite place in the world? For Luke, his is being at Bapoe’s Lake at his grandparent’s cabin. Besides Grandpa, Luke is the first one up on his first morning at the lake. He eats a quick breakfast, then he goes to the garage to get his dad’s little aluminum boat. After loading it with his tackle box, rod, oars, seat cushion, old net, and his life jacket, he is ready to go. He is ready to catch breakfast for his family!

Spot One!

Luke throws his first cast right when he gets into the water and BAM, he pulls in a bass. He ties him to the stringer and is ready to fish again.

Spot Two!

Next, he pulls in a huge bass but his dad told him that most big fish are females and they need them in the water to continue producing more fish, so he lets her go. He cast out again and BOOM, he has another hit but this time he doesn’t set the hook so when he pulls on his line, the lure just shoots out of the water like a rocket. He tries to go back to the same spot but he ended up a couple of feet deeper than he expected and was in the weeds. After reeling in the weeds and getting his line clean, he figures that he has messed up that spot, so he moves on.

Spot Three!

Luke changed bait and tried again. After a couple of casts, he had a huge fish take his bait. He battled and battled that fish and just when he got that monster almost to the top, the fish shot out of the water and spit his spinnerbait out of his mouth. He really hoped that someone had seen that, but the only one to witness it was an eagle perched on a big pine tree. After a few more tries, Luke decides to move to a new spot.

Spot Four!

Because the water is so crystal clear, Luke can see two of the biggest crappies he has ever seen, sitting next to a big clump of weeds. He quickly changes his bait again. He casts into the weeds and BOOM, he catches crappie #1. He casts into the weeds and BOOM, he catches crappie #2. He tried again but only caught a few little sunfish, so he decided it was time to try something different.

Spot Five!

Luke decides that it is time to try his big red-and-white Bas-Oreno. This was one of his favorite birthday presents from last year. It has caught its share of bass and northern pike. He eased his boat out to the middle of the lake, to a spot where no one knows about it, not even his grandpa. After a bunch of casts, he Bass-Oreno got nailed! The bite caught him off guard, so he was a little late in setting the hook. When he began to pull, the tension was gone but… as he was reeling in the bass went for it again, and this time Luke was ready.

On his next cast, he felt a slight tug, he yanked but there was nothing. He reeled his line and was sick to his stomach when he saw that his favorite lure was gone. Just then, a huge northern pike shot out of the water with Luke’s red-and-white Bass-Oreno dangling from its mouth. He couldn’t believe what he saw. He still didn’t have enough for breakfast so he put a new lure on, cast, and caught a bass

He was just about to cast again when something caught his eye. It was his Bass-Oreno just floating on the surface. Excited, he rowed toward it, but with a swirl and a splash, the lure was gone again. He began fishing again when he saw his lure floating on the surface again. He had an idea, one that he hoped would work. He put his net in the water and began drifting towards his lure. Will Luke get his favorite lure back? Did he catch enough fish to take back to the cabin for everyone to eat? Did he just have the coolest experience on the lake and no one was there to see it? Read this awesome short chapter book to find out what happens to Luke and his lure!

What I Love About This Book!

This book is fantastic for anyone who loves the outdoors, especially fishing! I am a huge fisherman, although I fish in the ocean and not a lake, but this book made me want to get out on the water and throw in my bait!

Another thing I absolutely love about this book is that you can pick it up and read it without missing anything from the first few books. I am one of those people who cannot read a series without starting with book one. When I saw that this was book five I was a little wary about reading it because I thought I would be missing something. Not the case! I love that about this book!

This book is also great for kids who are just starting out reading chapter books or someone who wants a quick but enjoyable read. I recommend this book 110%! Don’t miss it!

My Favorite Quotes!

“Grandma always said, “The sun rises each day giving you a chance to enjoy its glory. It’s up to you to make the most of it.”

“Not wanting to spook the fish, I crouched my head down and eased along, like a ninja oarsman.”

“My dad always told me, “Persistence and patience pays off in fishing, hunting, and life.”

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