Are you sure you can handle the excitement?

Are you ready to go to Disney World after dark, when no one is there except maybe a villain or two? Buckle up because this is a fast-paced journey to the most magical place in the world! Get ready for Maleficent, pirates from the Caribbean, and even a doll or two from It’s a Small World.

Get ready to have fun and win!!

Grab your place in the Zoom class before all of the spots are gone! You will listen to the book while having access to coloring sheets and bookmarks that go along with the book. Each chapter gives you an opportunity to answer trivia questions for your chance to win either Meagan’s Minnie Shop ears of your choice, t-shirt of your choice, or a $25 Amazon gift card.

What does the class entail?

This is a class that will meet for three weeks, two days a week, for one hour. We will read sections of the book together. After each chapter, we will have a PowerPoint with questions, pictures, and videos. You will also receive Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark coloring sheets and coloring bookmarks. You can use these to color while listening to me read and even use them to take notes if you want to.

What are the dates, times, and costs?

The cost of this class is $60 for the 6 classes. The September dates are:

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