This is a book review for Art From the Heart by Karyn Tunks.

Art from the Heart by Karyn W. Tunks book talk

What is a great biography book for elementary and middle school kids?

Art from the Heart: The Ricky Trione Story by Karyn W. Tunks is!

What would you do if the thing you loved to do most in life was taken from you?

Ricky Trione grew up in a very large family. When they would all get together, sometimes Ricky liked to sneak away and watch his uncle paint. His uncle was in an accident that caused him to be unable to move his arms or legs so he would hold the paintbrush tight between his teeth to paint. This is where Ricky developed his love of drawing.

Ricky grew up, got married, and had children. They watched their father sketch and they developed a love of drawing and he was so happy to pass on his tradition of creating art. Then one day, there was an accident and Ricky became blind. With time and hard work Ricky learned how to walk safely with a cane and he learned how to read using his fingers but he didn’t think he could ever create art again, that is until one day a friend offered to help him

He experimented with different types of materials like crayons, glue, and puff paint but did Ricky ever find a way to create his art again? How could someone who is blind ever paint and create art? Read this amazing true story to find out if Ricky was ever able to get back what he loved to do.

Why I loved this book!

This book has so many things to love about it! The story is a true inspiration that anything is possible with hard work and determination. Another thing I love about this book is the artwork. The colors are brilliant and the characters will appeal to young and old alike.

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