This is a book review of Saving Bay Haven by Karyn W. Tunks

Saving Bay Haven: A Charming Town with a Dirty Secret by Karyn W. Tunks

Do you absolutely love books about friendship and family? If you do then check out my book reviews on my newest read! This one will have you wanting to go visit Bay Haven and hang out with the locals!!

Book Reviews 📚 Book Talks📚Book Trailers📚: Saving Bay Haven: A Charming Town with a Dirty Secret by Karyn W. Tunks

Do you want a great friends and family book?

Well, then you need to run and get Saving Bay Haven: A Charming Town with a Dirty Secret by Karyn W. Tunks📚! 

This is a book review of Saving Bay Haven by Karyn W. Tunks
Check out this heartwarming story of a boy helping to save a charming town.

Check out my book reviews of this heartwarming and couragous book!

1. How would you feel if you haven’t seen your dad in yeaqrs and when he picks you up at the airport, he barely even says hello before he rushes you off to the truck?

Daniel MacRae lives in Philadelphia with his mom and he is visiting his dad for the summer in the coastal town of Bay Haven. Daniel’s feelings are a little hurt when his dad doesn’t even seem to notice him after several years of not seeing him. Daniel soon realizes what is happening – a hurricane is bearing down on Bay Haven.

2. Can Daniel make a new friend even after he runs over her…like, literally runs over her?

Daniel’s dad owns the Hi-Tide Cabins, six quaint cabins that have been in the family for years. When Daniel and his dad arrive at the cabins Kelly, his dad’s employee, is running around boarding up all of the windows. Daniel jumps right in to help and runs smack dab into Skye, Kelly’s daughter. Not the best way to make a first impression.

3. Did you know this story has a witch in it? What, what?

Yes! Not long after Daniel’s arrival he a fishing net in an old storage shed. He knows that Bay Haven is known for fishing so he asks his dad to teach him how to cast it but his dad has been busy and preoccupied ever since he has been there. After watching some of the local fishermen, he decides to go practice by himself. He goes down to the beach and notices at the end of the public beach there is a No Trespassing sign. Daniel ignores the signs and passes by to practice. He notices an old, run-down house high on a cliff that overlooks the beach. While he is on the private beach he notices a LOT of trash washed up on the shore.

4. What would you do if that witch called you to her house because she saw you tresspassing?

After that day, Daniel goes back day after day to help clean up the beach. The thought of this trash hurting any animals makes him mad. He didn’t realize that as he was doing this, the Cat Witch was watching from high above in her house. When Mrs. Goodwin (the Cat Witch) asks for him to come to her house and to bring the trash that he collected with him, he is scared!

5. Can Daniel save Bay Haven (and his dad) before the summer is over?

Daniel soon learns so much from Mrs. Goodwin. He learns that he has a talent he never knew that he had. When Daniel discovers the dirty secret that Bay Haven is hiding, can he use his new talent to help save it? And, can he do it alone like he is used to being, or will he reach out to his new friend, Skye, to help him? Do not miss this incredible new novel from the amazing Karyn W. Tunks!

Want to know why I love this book so much?

Why I love Saving Bay Haven by Karyn W. Tunks
Check out why I love Saving Bay Haven by Karyn W. Tunks

Orange Beach, Alabama is one of my most favorite places in the world, so when a book is based on the beach it automatically gets five stars in my book! I also love the characters in this book! Daniel goes to visit a place in which he doesn’t know anyone but his dad and opens himself up to care for so many people. I love how you see him grow so much throughout the book. Skye is amazing also! She is confident enough in herself to follow her talent, even if it doesn’t seem like the “girly” thing to do. Bay Haven is a town that I would love to visit because almost all of the people seem to really care about each other (plus it’s on the water!)

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